ESTIVE NUMÉRIQUE | DIGITAL PEAK 2010 | Péone, Alpes Maritimes, France. Français

Art, Science & Hack summer meeting , Péone, Alpes Maritimes, France.



From 20 to 26 July 2010, at the edge of the National Park of Mercantour in the Alpes Maritimes, on the Riviera, close to 6000ft high (1800m alt) on the Peone country land, artists, hackers, scientists, scholars, activists, DIY enthusiasts and general public will meet at a summercamp of view sharing and research about the following subjects:

  • Digital technologies and heritage
  • Agriculture, pastoral breeding in the digital and robotic age
  • Digital technologies and environment protection
  • Bio-hacking, alternative food
  • Free and alternative medical equipment
  • Autarchy, autonomy in remote zones in the digital age
  • Alternative energy
  • Mesh communication networks in non-flat territories (cities, mountains)
  • Media broadcasting
  • Digital tools for democracy
  • Digital technologies and private life protection
  • Workshops, hackerspaces and fablab in local and international context

see also Editorial here ,

This summercamp will be held out in the wild, with no road access and everyone will be invited to participate to its life according to autonomy and environment concern principles. There will be 3 Kw solar electricity (without storage) and wireless web access, delicious traditionnal food, good friends and fresh clean air...3 camps for tents ( one for participants with children), in a marvelous site with gorgeous landscapes. Just at the border of the Mercantour National Park




  • Organisation: Jean-Noël Montagné, Association Art Sensitif (Nice) | Philippe Langlois, Tmplab, HackerSpace Festival (Vitry)| Jean-Marie Maiquez (Nice) and many members of different hackerspaces, fablabs & other non-profit organisations.
  • Programmation comitee: Daniel Marchetti, shepherd, Groupement Pastoral de l'Estrop à Péone (Fr) | Jean-Baptiste Labrune, researcher in créativity & technologies, MIT Media Lab, (USA) | Gaëlle Abolivier, Céramist in Daluis (06) (Fr) | Emmanuel Ferrand, Institut Mathématique de Jussieu (Fr) | Dominique Lucchini, éditor, éditions ROM (Nice) (Fr) | Rob Van Kranenburg,, Fontys Applied Sciences ( NL/Be) | Jean-Noël Montagné, Art Sensitif Non Profit Org (Nice) (Fr) | Helen Evans, artist, HeHe (Fr/Gb), Heiko Hansen, artist, HeHe (Fr/De) | Raphaël Massi, movie director, France, Paris | Philippe Thomassin, researcher, éco-musée de la Roudoule (06) (Fr) | Philippe Langlois, Tmplab, HackerSpace Festival (Vitry)(Fr) | Julien Ottavi, / (Fr) | Frédéric Arenou, CNRS engineer, Observatoire de Paris (Fr) | Janine Huizenga, digital media designer, (NL/UK) | Kurt Van Houtte,, Ghent (Be) | Benjamin Cadon , Orléans (Fr) | Benjamin Henrion, Président of the Foundation For a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII), Bruxelles (Be) | Jean-Marc Manach, journalist at Le Monde/Internet Actu, co-founder of Big Brother Awards France | Christian Jacquemin, teacher-researcher, University Paris 11 Sud et LIMSI-CNRS (Fr) | Patrice Riemens, writer, NL | Sébastien Bourdeauducq, lead developer of Milkymist, /tmp/lab (Fr) | Julien Holtzer, engineer, président of, Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis (Fr)| Jean-Marie Maïquez, musician, régisseur, Nice, (Fr) | Olivier Eschapasse, responsable Pole ICI, Nice ( Fr) | Claire Morel, artist, teacher in Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse, Paris | Catherine Lenoble,, Nantes, (Fr) |Julien bellanger,, Nantes, (Fr) | Frédéric Pesquet, Engineer, La Colle-Sur-Loup (Fr)| Laurent Bourdette, Engineer CNRS, Délégation Côte D'Azur (Fr)| James Wallbank, Access-space, Sheffield, UK | Valérie Pesquet, Psychiatre, (06) (Fr) |Ursula Gastfall, éclairagiste plasticienne sonore , Athis Mons (Fr)


Conferences starting tuesday 20 july, until monday 26 july 2010.

If you want to join the Alps before the meeting, or stay after the meeting, there are a lot things to do and visit in the surroundings. The Parc National du Mercantour is marvelous with it's 3000 m high summits with view of the coast, mountain lakes, with its 30 000 engravings from Bronze/Copper age, barocco churches, beautiful stone villages, many sport and nature activities (rando, canyoning, spéléo, VTT, horse, lakes, etc...everything), the geologic park of fossils of Castellane, a lot of middle-age, roman, greek, liguric villages, and of course, the Riviera (stifling of sunscreen in fusion at 35°) with its museums Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, Leger, Maeght, Art Concret, Art Contemporain, Art Naïf and lot of banks and mafias. Italy at one hour and a half car.


Three equiped camps for tents are near the site of the conference, one for families with children. Some pictures HERE.

It's also possible to inhabit in the hostels and rural bed&breakfast in the surroundings, but you will have to walk everyday to the site of the conferences ( once again, there is no road access to the conferences) Here

In the surroundings ( <10km from the Digital Peak site) there are a lot of places to stay: a "horse cottage" near the first car park of the meeting , with possibility to stay in Mongolian Yourts and ride horses in the mountain. Many cottages/bed and breakfast, and some hotels, in Péone, Valberg and Guillaumes. If you want to stay there, instead of tents on the site, you have to book the soonest you can, (we can help you for this) . But you will have to manage autonomously for joining the site for the conferences.

The best solution to join us without stress is to arrive on the Riviera the 19 of july ( about 30/35 ° hot), and reach the mountains immediately (about 25°/30° hot). The 12, 19 and 20 of July, we will organize different shuttles, in Nice, Guillaumes, Valberg and Péone.

Préparation of the meeting starting Lundi 12 july for volunteers : Préparation.

Mountain gear

1800 m high and what we call in french "Haute Montagne" and this must not be underestimated.


Call for projects

Submit your projects: Long Conferences ( ~1H), Short Conferences (15/20 mn), Lightning Talks ( 5/10mn), Workshops, Posters, Exhibitions, Performances. All proposals must be adapted to the environnemental, energetical, local constraints of the site:

  • no road access to the site (possibility to carry materials with wheelbarrow, and by hand...).
  • electricity (230v/50hz) only during the sunny hours.
  • only 2 multipurpose rooms in the house (conference room)
  • no possibility to buy forgotten or broken materials in the surroundings.
  • wireless low-bandpath web access.

[Call_for_projects CALL FOR PROJECTS] opened till June 15 2010, now closed Presentations and workshops will only focus on open source technologies, softwares, hardwares and documents.

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